Church History

In 2003 five families joined together to form the Bible Baptist Church of Owasso. We soon purchased the unique and easily identifiable log cabin building. Sending Missionaries to the foreign field was a priority. The first Sunday Worship service was held January 4, 2004. By May of that year, our membership had grown with the Constitution and Bylaws being signed by 29 charter members, including four officers with one assuming the Pastor’s role.

Upgrades to the facilities were begun immediately. These included, but not limited to, purchase of office furnishings, computer and other office related equipment.  Property enhancements included parking lot repair, new lawn mowers, new sidewalks, and new A/C for Sunday School building. These improvements were followed by upgrading sound systems, auditorium lighting and security lights. Also, new cushioned chairs were purchased for the auditorium and a new lawn equipment shed was constructed. The Sunday School building was remodeled converting the two basic rooms into four separate rooms to be used for different Sunday School children’s age groups.

Due to health problems, the original pastor resigned mid-2010, and another pastor was called who began in November of that year. Our second pastor served from 2010 to 2017.  During this time the church purchased a bus, started a Vacation Bible School program, a weekly outreach time was established, monthly support was being sent to 29 Missionaries and the building loan was retired.

In the summer of 2018, we called Bro. Claud Slate and his family to come pastor our congregation. Under his leadership, we soon voted to change our name to Fireside Baptist Church. We have been blessed with a wonderful past, and we are looking forward to what God has in store for our future.

Claud Slate - 20181118_102951