About Our Pastor

Bro. Claud, and his wife Abby, moved to Owasso in the fall of 2018 to pastor Fireside Baptist Church, which was at that time named Bible Baptist Church. They have been married for 16 years and have been blessed with six precious children, Addison, Ava, Aubrey, Trey, Alivia and Canon. For 11 years, Bro. Claud and Mrs. Abby worked in youth ministry and had the privilege of seeing many young people come to Christ. Today, they still enjoy friendships with many of those teens who have now become adults. During the first few years of youth ministry, they also worked at Triple "S" Christian Ranch in Rose Bud, AR. This youth camp in the foothills of the Ozarks quickly became a special place in their lives. 

Before moving to Owasso, Bro. Claud and Mrs. Abby lived and worked at Triple "S" for 4 years while also traveling in evangelism ministry. As they traveled to nearly one hundred churches in those few years, they were able to be a part of many revival meetings, mission’s conferences and special-emphasis Sunday's. Bro. Claud preached the Word, and Mrs. Abby and their three oldest girls blessed the congregations with singing. Mrs. Abby and the girls have been greatly blessed with musical talents. They were such a great encouragement to the churches they traveled to in their evangelism ministry. 

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